ProfilPASS - kickstart your career!

The ProfilPASS – kickstart your career! is the key component of the CORE-Toolkit. It is a linguistic and content adaptation of the original ProfilPASS. This version was developed especially for the needs of young disadvantaged adults who are Neither in Employment, Education nor Training (NEETs). The aim is to enable them to use this proven instrument for competence assessment and to support a quick (re-)entry into employment and/or education.

The ProfilPASS – kickstart your career! is characterized by the following features:

  • Adjustments of the content to better match life situation, experience and needs of these young adults (e.g. additional materials to support career decisions and application processes)
  • Extensive layout adjustments to make the instrument more attractive and motivating for this target group
  • Linguistic simplifications and additional explanations (e.g. through a glossary) to make the instrument accessible to people with a lower educational level
  • A "moderator" (narrator) who gives instructions, explains exercises and provides useful tips
  • Two recurring biographical examples motivate and support through their sample answers and sharing of experience
  • Easier navigation through links and color-coding of the chapters

ProfilPASS – kickstart your career! for filling out or printing

The complete ProfilPASS portfolio to fill out on screen or print in DIN A4 format.



The CORE-Toolkit

The CORE-Toolkit comprises 18 instruments for competence assessment and career guidance from different countries with different methodological and content focuses. These tools are suitable for counselling young NEET adults (Neither in Employment nor Education or Training). In addition, the toolkit contains manuals, guidelines and learning materials that serve the empowerment and upskilling of NEETs and thus strengthen their employability. Additional materials for counsellors and available support programs for NEETs in the Western Balkans complete the CORE-Toolkit.



The Manual for Counsellors

The CORE-Manual for Counsellors is an accompanying document for the CORE-Toolkit and the ProfilPASS – kickstart your career!. It provides background information as well as guidelines and suggestions for counsellors on how the CORE-Toolkit and the ProfilPASS – kickstart your career! can be applied.





The Curriculum for Counsellors

The CORE Curriculum is based on the CORE-Toolkit and the new ProfilPASS – kickstart your career!. It provides guidance and suggestions for the training of counsellors both in terms of training content and methods.






Comprehensive Report of Identification of Needs

Recently, all five CORE partner countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia) carried out a comprehensive report on young adults Neither in Employment, Education and Training (NEETs). The report provides analysis of the state of play of NEETs in the project partner countries, including a summary of examples of good practice and recommendations for further development of the ProfilPASS and CORE-Toolkit.